Class Information

Syllabus and F.A.Q.s


  • Lesson One: The Basics
  • Lesson Two: Legilimency
  • Lesson Three: Relaxation of One's Mind
  • Lesson Four: Limitations, Ethics and Dilemmas

Points Breakdown

  • Assignment One: 60 points
  • Assignment Two: 60 points
  • Assignment Three: 60 points
  • Assignment Four: 60 points
  • Final Exam: 60 points
  • Total: 300 points

Frequently Asked Questions

When is homework due? All homework is due at the end of the respective month.

What about extensions? Extensions will be given, if I am contacted before the due date over HOL message.

Where do I send homework? All work must be sent to, yes, that is and not

What if I have trouble accessing the site or completing certain parts of the assignments? If your browser or accessibility software (screen reader, magnifier, or other) makes it difficult for you to navigate the rolling links, send me a message and I will happily send you all the links you will need. The same goes for any problems you may have with completing certain sections of the assignments. I am happy to look at alternative options suited to individuals. 

What are the requirements for a quill? You must achieve 120 points at the least and turn in the final exam with a passing grade (15 points).

Can I turn in assignments early? Yes, however, do not do so before the start of the term.

What happens if I turn in assignments late? Without the extension you will lose 5 points per late month.

Are there any awards? Yes, there are three awards available for the students of the class. 

  • Mind Shielder is given to students who pass the class. 
  • Mind Blower is given to students who have the highest point count of their house. 
  • Mind Bender is given to students who impress me with their assignments.

What if I have any other concerns? You can easily reach me through HOL Message, so use that if you have any questions that have not been answered.

If you are interested in the sources for each lesson, you can find them here!