Assignment Two

Due Date: October 31st / March 31st

E-mail your work to with HW2 - HOL Name (e.g. HW2 - Maxim Trevelyan) in the subject line.

Attachments will NOT be opened. If you include any images in your assignment, please upload them to a site such as Imgur, Tinypic, Photobucket or other and send me the link.

Include your HOL name and House in the body of your email.

There are more than 60 points worth of options below. You can pick which ones you would like to do to achieve them. You will not be awarded more than 60 points for your work, even if you complete all parts of the assignment.

To Regulate or Not To Regulate?: 15 Points

Do you think that use of Legilimency, similarly to Veritaserum, should be strictly regulated by the Ministry of Magic? Why, why not? Explain your argument in 150 words or more and cite any sources that you use.

Descrambler: 10 points

Below are ten words from the lesson. Your job is simply to descramble them.

  • iielycgnlem
  • ysdnweasll
  • cucrumrlui
  • eeqiein dlsutngeo
  • lrdl omretvdoo
  • nobrnelayvl
  • irneottraonig
  • racheekr
  • elshyntir
  • nct yceoaet

Legilimens!: 15 Points

Besides those counted in the lesson, who is another witch or wizard in Harry Potter series that you think used Legilimency during the course of the books? Explain your choice in 150 words or more and support it with evidence from the books.

Fill-in-the-blank: 15 points

  • _____ is not completely _____ to Muggles, as opposed to _____.
  • Another skilled Legilimens was _____ _____, who, during the time when _____ Wizarding War started, taught _____ _____ the art of Occlumency.
  • Some _____ skilled Legilimens can also plant _____ memories and _____ inside a person's mind or to temporarily _____ their _____.
  • Legilimency and its use is governed by the _____ of the witch or wizard there are some that are just _____ with the talent.

Short Answer: 10 points

  • What do Muggles call Legilimency?
  • What words is legilimens derived from?
  • How can the spell Legilimens be performed?
  • Who invented Legilimency?
  • Why did Lord Voldemort have a direct link into Harry Potter's mind?

Matching: 10 points

Match the legilimens with their victim. Some victims may be used more than once.

1. Albus Dumbledore

2. Queenie Goldstein

3. The Sorting Hat

4. Severus Snape

5. Salazar Slytherin

A. Porpentina Goldstein

B. Newt Scamander

C. Kreacher

D. None Known

E. Harry Potter

Fallen Letters: 15 points

Solve this fallen letters puzzle and send me the solution as a phrase or image for 10 points. For additional 5 points, tell me who said it.

fallen letters puzzle
fallen letters puzzle

Art: 10 points

Through the use of any medium, illustrate a use of legilimency that was mentioned in the lesson or in the books. In 50 words, explain why you chose that particular scene.