Assignment One

Due Date: September 30th / February 28th

E-mail your work to with HW1 - HOL Name (e.g. HW1 - Maxim Trevelyan) in the subject line.

Attachments will NOT be opened. If you include any images in your assignment, please upload them to a site such as Imgur, Tinypic, Photobucket or other and send me the link.

Include your HOL name and House in the body of your email.

There are more than 60 points worth of options below. You can pick which ones you would like to do to achieve them. You will not be awarded more than 60 points for your work, even if you complete all parts of the assignment.

Great Expectations: 10 points

In at least 100 words, introduce yourself and tell me, what do you expect from this class. What are you most excited about? What do you expect to learn? What do you hope we will cover?

True or False: 10 points

Mark if the statement is true or false. If the sentence is false, correct it.

  • Occlumency is magical penetration of the mind.
  • Practitioner of Occlumency is known as an Occlumencer.
  • Draco Malfoy was taught by Bellatrix Lestrange.
  • Remus Lupin used Occlumency when he lied to Lord Voldemort about Harry Potter's death.
  • Everyone agrees that Muggles can use Occlumency.

Mental Practice: 10 points

To prove your mental resilience, solve the following Sudoku.

sudoku puzzle
sudoku puzzle

The Life and Lies: 15 points

Choose ONE of the Occlumency users we talked about in the lesson and write a short biography of at least 150 words. Include great emphasis on events where you think they used Occlumency with some that were not mentioned in the lesson. Please cite all sources that you use.

Cryptogram: 15 points

Solve the following cryptogram and send the solution to me either as a picture or a phrase.

cryptogram puzzle
cryptogram puzzle

Short Answer: 10 points

  • What is the use of Occlumency?
  • What can advaced Occlumency users do?
  • What does Occlumency use a great deal of?
  • How did Severus Snape utilize Occlumency?
  • What is the reason for debate on whether Muggles can use Occlumency or not?

Discipline Your Mind: 15 points

Solve the following jigsaw and send me a screenshot of the solution and your time. The person who gets the best time will win 250 beans at the end of the term.

Opinion: 15 points

Do you think that a Muggle can successfully perform Occlumency? Why? Why not? Explain your reasoning in 150 words or more.